Halloween Event 2022
Event RSCDynasty
Published Thursday, 20 October 2022
Get ready for the RSCDynasty Halloween Event on Friday 28 October at 4PM EST!

Event schedule: 28 October 4PM EST - 1st November 5PM EST!

Defeat Dr.Odensteins new creation and obtain unique rewards, gain free experience from our special side tasks!

Odenstein located in Draynor Manor has managed to create a new evil. In the basement you will encounter Odensteins creation 'The Creature'. He needs your help to make sure it does not escape his lab.

The fight is instanced as soon as you enter the fighting area with The Creature. Your first fight with the monster will be the easiest version with guranteed rewards. After you have finished your task, you are able to enter the instance to farm for additional rare items. However your next fights will be way harder and contain mechanics & different phases.

The Creature

Guaranteed Rewards:
Lab coat:
  • Lab coat top
  • Lab coat bottom

The Creature other drops:
  • Creature Mask
  • Mini Creature pet
  • Emerald Chests
  • Skilling resources & gear

The innkeepers task:
The innkeepers in Gielinor grates every adventurer with halloween candy. Every inn has a crate inside the building, by opening the object you will either instantly get rewarded with Candy or they may ask you to complete a task first.

The halloween candy will award you 18,750 experience in a skill of your choice. There are a total of 16 locations, if you turn in all of the tasks you will gain a total of 300,000 experience. The halloween candy is bound to the player and cannot be traded with other players. Completion of all innkeepers will also grant you a buff with experience increased for all skills by +2 for 72 hours. The buff will be automatically applied to your account on completion, you can see your buffs by enabling the "show buffs" in settings -> options menu.

Edit: You can find the "Innkeepers" by looking at the World Map (General store icons).

Double Experience:
Double experience will be enabled through-out the entire event.

We wish you a Happy Halloween!

-Dragonfire staff team