Happy Easter!
Event RSCDynasty
Published Saturday, 15 April 2023
Dear Eggstraordinary Adventurers,

This year’s Easter event will be live from April 14th 5pm EST until April 18th 5pm EST. Eggsy, the mighty boss has created a nest above Graveyard while her bunnies are freely roaming the wilderness. Will you be able to hunt them down and claim their treasures?


During this event, double experience can be activated via a special Easter egg that comes from Chicko in Edgeville. The Easter egg gives 72 hours of double experience in GAME TIME! This means that your double xp timer will only count when you are logged in.

The egg can be consumed at any time during the month of April only. Take advantage of this opportunity to level up faster and gain higher skills.

  • Eggsy can be found North of the Graveyard where those who are not afraid of a challenge will be able to hunt and farm their nest.
  • Bunnies can be found spawning around the wilderness with a better loot table for those with a sweet tooth. You can check the time by typing ::Easter in game.
  • Eggsy & Bunnies will drop a rare Easter egg helmet along with other various items like the Rare Golden Knife, Sapphire Chests, etc. 

Below are a couple of updates/changes we’ve made and more to follow shortly after.

  • Updated Sapphire chests to contain less junk items.
  • Removed PK Vendor - Removed War Master
  • Fixed online list from displaying VPN users as Mobile users.
  • Fixed Disk of Return Halo view when username tag + clan tag were enabled.
  • Fixed network issues that could cause disconnects.

We hope you enjoy the event and as always, Thank You for your continued support.