Connect & Play Follow these simple steps to start your journey on RuneScape Classic!
01 Create a Website account First, you have to create your website account. Click on the 'Register' button below. Your website account is the holder for your game accounts. Create webite account
02 Confirm your e-mail address To complete the registration process, you need to confirm your e-mail address via the activation link sent to your inbox or spam folder. Resend email
03 Create a Game account Visit your account manager. Click on the 'Create game account' button below. You are allowed to create up to 10 accounts per world. Create game account
04 Download game

You need to download the game client. The JAR launcher requires you to have Java installed on your computer for the launcher to run. Download Java Here.

The game is also available on Android devices, download the (.APK) from below.

Dragonfire Launcher Desktop Launcher for RSCDynasty & RSCVanilla. (WIN/MAC/LINUX). Windows installer comes with Java. The JAR Launcher (All Platforms) requires Java to be installed on your computer. Download Java. RSCDynasty Android (.APK) Android Application. RSCVanilla Android (.APK) Android Application.