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Relive your childhood memories by joining our Runescape Classic Replica: RSCVanilla that strives for authenticity.

Create new memories and experience fresh content in our custom world: RSCDynasty.

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Game Feeds
War God has achieved the maximum level of 99 in defense, congratulations!
[RRA] Red Ribbon Army has won the Clan Wars!
Thru [Kill] PlayerKill Thru is on a @gre@double kill! Killstreak: 2!
Thru [Kill] PlayerKill Thru has killed Python in wilderness level-5!
Thru [Kill] PlayerKill Thru has killed Candy Crush in wilderness level-3!
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Dragonfire Launcher Desktop Launcher for RSCDynasty & RSCVanilla. (WIN/MAC/LINUX). Windows installer comes with Java. The JAR Launcher (All Platforms) requires Java to be installed on your computer. Download Java. RSCDynasty Android (.APK) Android Application. RSCVanilla Android (.APK) Android Application.