The era continues
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Published Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Welcome to Dragonfire, the new platform for RSCDynasty & RSCVanilla players!

We are now under the same roof (kind of)... Players from the custom world RSCDynasty, and players from the veteran world RSCVanilla share the same discord, website and are now united as a big community. As you start the new game launcher you'll have the option to load up the game clients for both worlds, we encourage you to play both versions of the game!

Since there are mixed types of adventurers in the Dragonfire community now, with different type of play styles and favourite game experiences. Please do not harass each other just because you have differences in your opinon. Be respectful to one and another and have fun. After all, we are all here to play and appreciate RuneScape Classic, wheter it's for an authentic or a custom journey, hopefully both!

We’re extremely happy and excited about the future and we hope you will continue your journey with us. This is only the first step as we are now progressing even further into our  ideas and updates on our roadmap!

- Dragonfire Staff Team.