Major Update
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Published Friday, 7 July 2023

Major Update

Greetings, adventurers! We are thrilled to announce our major patch update, packed with exhilarating new content and thrilling experiences.

New Game Modes
Are you ready to challenge yourself further? We are introducing two new game modes that will push your skills to the limit.

Veteran 1x Mode:
For our most dedicated players
, we are boosting drop rates and introducing a custom player mode crown as a symbol of your commitment and expertise.

Hardcore Mode:
Are you seeking the ultimate test
? Brace yourself for the adrenaline rush of Hardcore Mode! This mode harkens back to the classic gaming era, where every decision carries immense weight. In Hardcore Mode, you will have only one life. If your character perishes, they will become a permanent ghost.

Although you won't be able to take any in-game actions, you can still communicate with other players and explore the world. However, we offer an option to transfer your deceased character back to life, albeit without the hardcore mode status. Hardcore Mode also presents unique achievements such as "Defeat and complete the Dragon Slayer quest before reaching level 50" or "Kill the King Black Dragon naked, without any armor or weapons." This mode is highly popular in various games like WoW Classic and Diablo, and we believe it fits perfectly within RuneScape Classic.

Important: Remember that if you die, your account becomes a ghost(spirit). You can ressurect to a normal character from the Make Over Mage. We have also made sure that the Merlins crystal quest for the Magic Words can be done via the Varrock Altar, and Lost city will warn you before you enter the magic door (use teleport spell instead of going wild if you dont want to risk your death). Mage arena miniquest is also a safe zone for Hardcore characters, to not get griefed.

Mortessa the Dread Queen

Prepare to embark on a treacherous journey into the depths of Varrock sewers to confront Mortessa, the dread queen who reigns over the undead realms. Gain access to her lair by obtaining a key dropped exclusively by Undeads in the wilderness. This key can be used five times before it is destroyed. Face Mortessa's fearsome might and claim legendary items such as the Soulfire Crown and the Bonecrystal Scepter. The Bonecrystal Scepter can be enchanted into the powerful Ethereal Shadowstaff, making it a prized possession.

Introducing Gods, New Items, and God Armors

Zaros has arrived, bringing his divine presence to RuneScape Classic! Welcome Zaros as he make himself known to the realm. Unleash your power and complete the prerequisite quest to access his lair, located in the Digsite. You need to complete a miniquest before you can access zaros instance.

Zaros will drop an unique Zaros Godsword and Zaros God Armour set.

You can start the miniquest by talking to the Archaeologist Expert at Digsite.

Important: We made the decision to only activate Zaros for now, and progressively activate the rest of the gods to slow the content progression.

Stay tuned for the arrival of more gods, including Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix per each second week!

Zone-based Achievement System

Embark on a conquest of the different zones with our new zone-based achievement system. Conquer Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, the Wilderness, and more as you complete tasks and progress through different tiers of achievements. Earn rewards and unlock permanent benefits that will enhance your gameplay.

Each tier
, ranging from Easy to Elite, provides different benefits and upgrades the rewards further. Please note that the old achievement system will be removed and replaced entirely by this new zone-based system.

Important: We will only activate Lumbridge & Draynor diary as of today, and activate a new diaries every third day.

Hotspot Changes

Say goodbye to the old hotspots and get ready for the new and improved experience! Our revamped graveyard now houses a single hotspot, offering a compact and thrilling encounter for adventurers like you.

To keep it simple and minimalistic as well as compact. We feel that having no rotations, nor any systems tied to the hotspot is the best choice here. Type ::hotspot for benefits. Four holiday bosses are located in the hotspot, this means they are all having their holiday drops at a low chance. Yeti and Creature has been removed from the instance system.

Wilderness Roaming Boss Gaia
A formidable presence has made its way to the wilderness: Gaia, the roaming boss! Keep a keen eye out as she roams unpredictably, offering an enticing drop table. Gaia will announce her arrival, as well as the valuable items she drops, globally. After her defeat, she will always spawn again in a random new location, providing a continuous challenge for brave adventurers like yourself.

Skill Island (Grindland)

Prepare yourselves for Skill Island events! This dedicated haven allows you to train your melee, ranged, magic, and skills and even a small safe agility course to your heart's content. Keep in mind that skill island events will happen on rare occasions, and is not a permanent feature in the game. You will be announced when the grindland are open.

Poll System

Your opinion matters! Participate in our newly implemented Poll System to vote on upcoming content, events, and setups. We value your feedback and believe that together, we can create an even better experience for all players.

The poll system will make it easier to shape upcoming content as well as old content by your input.

Auction House Upgrades

We are excited to announce significant upgrades to the Auction House! Take advantage of the new Buy Requests feature to easily acquire desired items. Engage in hassle-free player-to-player transactions with the enhanced Account Sales feature, making your trading experience smoother than ever.

Information regarding the account listing is displayed in the auction house interface menu.

Emerald and Sapphire Chests

Emerald and Sapphire chests now contain all the rares in the game splitted between them. They have also recieved a 33% buff for common, uncommon and rare tables to hit.

Enhanced Gameplay and Features

In our ongoing effort to improve your gameplay experience, we have made several enhancements based on your feedback. NPCs now offer balanced and exciting loot drops, ensuring that every encounter feels rewarding and keeps you engaged.


  • Improved worldmap.
  • No more pouch auto loot outside wilderness, notable items are also not lootable anymore.
  • Batched enchanting of amulets.
  • Rare vendor prices adjusted.
  • Improved tournament system messages and builds.
  • No more bloated npc areas.
  • Combining super combat potions.
  • Expanded bank size from 340, to 400.
  • Major pathfinder upgrades.
  • Boosted Woodcutting success rates.
  • Advertising messages in-game.
  • Properly named items IE: (Red Party Hat, Blue Halloween Mask)
  • Account info display tab.
  • Book of mastery experience book from Diaries.
  • Experience interface for consumable exp items (Candy, Book of Mastery)
  • Minimap icons (can be toggled off in Settings menu).

Best regards,
Dragonfire Staff Team.