3rd Anniversary & Player Mode Prizes!
Event RSCDynasty
Published Monday, 17 July 2023

Hello, there! 

On the 19th of July, 2023, we will be joyously celebrating our 3rd Anniversary! It's a milestone that wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support from our wonderful community.

As a gesture of gratitude, we have a fantastic treat for our valued members. For 24 hours starting from midnight on our anniversary day, we will be unlocking the Double Experience feature. It's a perfect opportunity to level up faster.

Veteran & Hardcore Prizes:
We are thrilled by the incredible response to our new Veteran and Hardcore modes. To honor the exceptional dedication and skills displayed by our true warriors, we are excited to reveal the captivating prizes awaiting those who prove their mettle.

The prize in each category can only be claimed by one true warrior unless indicated there is a 2nd prize.


Legend Status:

  • 350mil GP Winner: Ururu!

First to 99 in any skilling stat:

  • Pirate Hat, Rainbow Hat, Golden Hat - Choose 1 Winner: Kronic 1x

Down to the bone - 99 Prayer:

  • Party Hat of your choice Winner: F A R M 1x

Maxed account (1782) Skill Total + All Diarys:

  • Party Hat set (Original and Custom)
  • 500mil GP
  • Custom Veteran Cape Winner:


Legend Status:

  • 2x Party Hat of your choice
    Winner: HC

First to 99 any skilling stat:

  • Golden Knife
    Winner: Hardcoresoul

Defeat Zaros:

  • Myers Mask
    Winner: HC Soul

Maxed account (1782) Skill Total + All Diarys:

  • 1st prize:
    • 2bil GP
    • Custom Cape
    • Choice of any Rare

    • 2nd prize:
      • 300 Chests of your choice (Emerald/Sapphire)
      • Custom Cape

    Thank you for your continued support! Happy racing!

    Best regards,
    Dragonfire Staff Team.