Pre-Halloween Update
Game Updates RSCDynasty
Published Sunday, 15 October 2023

Hello, Dragonfire!

Today we are excited to announce some new content, QoL upgrades and changes!

Ardougne Diary:

The Ardougne area has been added to the Diary achievements. Each tier will reward you with a new Ardougne amulet which will give you increased pickpocketing rate by 5,10,15 and 20%. You will also be awarded Book of Mastery for each tier like the other Diary areas. Ardougne amulet upgrade 2,3 and 4 will also grant you Free Ardougne Teleports. To see each diary area reward visit the Task Master in Edgeville.

Equipment display & Items kept on Death tab:

We have added a new interface that contains two tabs (Equipment Status & Items Kept on Death). To open said interface click on the yellow "Equipment Status" in your Stats tab.

Equipment status will tell you every detail you need to know about your items - stats, bonuses and perks.

Items Kept on Death tab will show you exactly which items is prioritized upon death, which items that are permanently destroyed and the risk value. You can also show info for Protect item prayer, PK Skull, Killed by a player etc.. A very nice QoL upgrade overall.

Experience Tracker:

Another Qol update is the new Experience Tracker. It will keep track of your experience goals and show your current progress in the skill that is active, or skill that recently gained experience. You can see actions until level up, XP gained, percentages, xp per hour and more by hovering over the tracker. The XP Drop interface lets you change various settings for XP drops and set tracking goals. Navigate to your Game Settings and then XP Setup button.

Adamantite Dragon:

New dragon npc - Adamantite dragon!
The Adamantite Dragon is the newest addition to the dragon family. It can be found on three specific locations.

Mage arena underground - 2 spawns.
Dragon maze - 4 spawns.
Graveyard - 3 spawns.

The dragon has two new exciting items to farm:

  • Adamantite Dust (used for Adamantite Cannonballs).
  • Adamantite Boots (Usable in F2P) +8 armour bonus.

Cannonball additions:

We have made changes to the cannonball smelting. The following changes has been made:

  • You can now smelt cannonballs from Steel bars, Mithril bars, Adamantite Bars and Runite bars.
  • You earn 2 balls from Steel, 4 from Mithril, 6 from Adamantite and 8 from Runite bars.

Adamantite Cannonballs is a new ammunition for your cannon which will deal 35 max damage compared to Steel cannonballs which has a max damage of 30. Not only will your damage be increased from your new ammunition but you won't be needing to reload your cannon as often, only after 150 shots it requires a reload.

To make Adamantite cannonballs you need to gather Adamantite Dust from Adamantite Dragons, the dragon will always drop 2 dust per kill. Use the dust on your regular cannonballs and it will convert into Adamantite cannonballs.

1 IP Zone:

We have added a 1 IP zone which is located in West Wilderness level 8-16 (left side of castle). The location is marked with a blue line sourrounding the area, it is hard to miss! In this area you can train and farm without being as outnumbered unlike other parts of wilderness.

The 1 IP area will also award you 0.5x faster experience rate on non veteran and hardcore accounts.

New Graveyard (2 IP zone):

Even more changes to the graveyard once again! Players has been requesting the safezone bank to make a return. We have also updated the old map to have npcs in cages rather than being out in the open and with auto closable doors.

Benefits in graveyard:

  • 1.5x extra experience rate
  • Rangeable King Black Dragons
  • Noted resources from Skilling

The graveyard area is now restricted to maximum 2 accounts per user. 

We also have plans to keep our Halloween Event within Graveyard and we will update the map further to have a platform for the new holiday boss and Giant Holiday Presents. More information about the 2023 Halloween event will be posted on 20th of October.

Other changes:

  • ::stuck timer has been reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds in wilderness.
  • Clanwar winner benefits are now halved outside wilderness, only the full benefits apply inside wilderness.
  • East graveyard teleport added.

Earlier changes:

  • Adjusted for easier success rates for Fishing and Thieving.
  • Lowered pickpocket delay.
  • Legends guild landscape update.
  • Lumbridge Ring bug fix, not awarding increased xp in ranged.
  • Clanwar zone bug fix where players could attack from outside the designated clanwar zone.
  • Improved Emerald and Sapphire chest rates and removed junk items.
  • Cannon enabled in Wilderness.

IP restriction rules:

Cheating the ip restriction rules will result in your account(s) getting severly punished and it can also lead to permanent ban. Respect the rules put in place.

Hope you enjoy the update and look forward to the Armadyl god boss being released this upcoming week and of course the upcoming Halloween Event!

Best regards,

RSCDynasty Staff Team.