RSCDynasty - Halloween Event 27th Oct, 2023.
Event RSCDynasty
Published Wednesday, 25 October 2023
Hello, RuneScape fanatics!

We are excited to announce the commencement of our Halloween event, which promises a thrilling and rewarding experience for all our players.
Event Schedule:
  • Start Date: October 27th, 2 PM EST
  • End Date: November 5th, 5 PM EST
Double Experience and Myers Activation:
  • Double Experience and Myers will be active during a limited window, specifically from October 27th to October 29th.
This means you can farm the new halloween masks and giant presents all the way till 5th of November. Myers and Double experience is only activated during the weekend(27-29).

Giant Halloween Present item:

Giant Halloween Present - A subsequent holiday item that contains all previous halloween rare items except Myers Mask. Only droppable from monsters during Halloween Event.

The Giant Halloween Present is dropped by Black Demons & Dragons with a significantly higher drop chance inside wilderness and even higher chance from inside the Graveyard(2 IP zone).

New Halloween Masks:

A set of new, full-face Halloween masks is introduced, available in four captivating colors: Green, Red, Blue, and Black. These masks are not found within the Giant Halloween Present. You can obtain them by hunting The Spirit NPC, which can be encountered on the Graveyard Platform and near the Black Knight Fortress on Ice Mountain. Keep in mind that your chances of obtaining these masks are significantly higher within the wilderness.

Halloween Candy:

Halloween Candy is found as a random drop from any monster.
The Halloween Candy will award you 18,750 experience in a skill of your choice.

Michael Myers:
Similar to the Friday the 13th event, Michael Myers is back and lurking in the wilderness. Use the in-game command ::myers to uncover spawn locations and access timer-related information.

We're excited to introduce Grindland during the event, offering a unique grind spot for players. The first access to Grindland is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th, 2 PM EST. It will remain open for 24 hours, automatically closing when the timer expires. Stay connected and informed about future Grindland openings by keeping an eye on our Discord channel at:

Community Events:
There will be many different types of Events, Tournaments and Drop Parties. Stay alerted in-game and on Discord as we will push notifications there for each start timer.

Happy Halloween!
-RSCDynasty Staff Team.