Armadyl, Wilderness Diary & More
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Published Saturday, 11 November 2023

Hello everyone!

Today we are excited to announce yet another update!


Armadyl, the god of Law and Justice, is now making his presence felt in Port Sarim. To engage with him, you must first complete the Temple of Ikov quest. Only after completing this quest will you be eligible to talk and enter the Armadyl instance. In contrast to Zaros, there is no need to undertake a mini-quest; you only need to go through the full dialogue with Armadyl to unlock the entrance to the instance. 

Armadyl items:

  • Armadyl Wings
  • Armadyl God armour set

Wilderness Diary:

The wilderness diary has been released! This diary comes with some amazing rewards that are definitely worth your time and effort! Talk to the Task Master - Rowan in Edgeville to claim your rewards.

Easy Tier Rewards:

  • Book of Mastery (easy).
  • 100% Success Rate on cutting webs.
  • Unlocks teleport to Edgeville from wilderness lever.

Medium Tier Rewards:

  • Book of Mastery (Medium)
  • Unlocks agility shortcut in Mage Arena Wilderness Dungeon.

Hard Tier Rewards:

  • Book of Mastery (Hard)
  • All dragon bones drops from dragons in the Wilderness are noted.
  • Wine of zamorak found in Mage Arena Wilderness Dungeon will be telegrabbed in noted form.

Elite Tier Rewards:

  • Book of Mastery (Elite)
  • Stackable pouch auto loot noted form drops from npcs in the Wilderness.

Loot Crate:

The Loot Crate also known as PK Crate is now a permanent game feature. The Loot crate will spawn either at Castle, 1IP Zone or at Graveyard Hotspot on a time interval of 1.5 hours. You need to be a combat level of 100 to loot items from the crate. The rarest items from chest is Golden Knife and Dynasty coins.

There is an announcement when the crate is 15 minutes from inbound. You can also use ::crate command to see exact timer!


  • Added Wilderness lever in Edgeville where the ladder to edgeville underground is.
  • Added warning message + confirm menu to the wilderness levers.
  • Added wine of Zamorak ground item spawn in Mage Arena Wilderness dungeon (telegrab only).
  • Added agility shortcut in the Mage Arena Wilderness Dungeon.
  • Added bank chest to digsite near the Zaros instance entrance (requires varrock diary to use).
  • Added bank chest to Portsarim Docks (requires Lumbridge & Draynor diary to use).
  • Added shortcut to Armadyl tower for easier access (requires to defeat Armadyl one time to use).
  • You can now send mails from Hotspot safezone bank.

-RSCDynasty Staff Team.