RSCDynasty Christmas Event 2023
Event RSCDynasty
Published Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Ho, ho, ho!

Hello there, Adventurers!

This year's Christmas Event will go live on: 22nd December at 2PM Est, Ending 31st December 6PM Est.

Double Experience: 22nd December 2PM Est, Ending 26th December 6PM Est.

Start off by grabbing a present from the Christmas Tree in Edgeville! Every 12 hours you can claim a present from the tree which will award you a random benefit. 

Nutcracker Boss & Set

The Nutcracker boss can be found in the wilderness graveyard location on the usual east platform.

Nutcracker special drops:

  • Nutcracker set (head, top, trousers)
  • Nutcracker staff

Wandering Gnomecracker Soldiers:

Gnomecracker Soldier npcs will roam around the wilderness in three different versions, each version of the npc drops an unique staff. To see the gnomecracker locations type ::nutcracker command in-game.

Gnomecracker drops:

  • Sweet nutcracker staff
  • Sour nutcracker staff
  • Bitter nutcracker staff

Giant Christmas Present

Giant Christmas Present - A subsequent holiday item that contains all previous christmas rare items. Droppable from all wilderness monsters and PK crate!


NEW spider-like boss 'Wildspire' can be found in the Spider's nest area north of Graveyard. Wildspire has a rare chance of dropping an Unadorned cape which can be crafted to a gem cape by attaching 5 desired gems to the empty gem slots with the right Crafting Level.

If you are lucky, maybe you'll feel something weird sneaking into your backpack!

Gem capes (permanent item)

Introducing new gem capes! Obtained from Wildspire in Spider's Nest, in wilderness level 29.

Sapphire Cape (F2P)

  • 5 Cut Sapphires - 60 Crafting - Increased chance to max hit with spells.

Emerald Cape (F2P)

  • 5 Cut Emeralds - 70 Crafting - Increased chance to dodge a melee attack.

Ruby Cape (F2P)

  • 5 Cut Rubys - 80 Crafting - Increased chance to max hit with melee.

Diamond Cape (F2P)

  • 5 Cut Diamonds - 90 Crafting - Increased chance to resist spells from gods & players.

Dragonstone Cape (P2P)

  • 5 Cut Dragonstone - 99 Crafting - Chance to critcally hit monsters above Max Hit cap, Acts like any godspell cape and increases your charge timer to 10 minutes.

Keep an eye out on Dynasty Discord for additional game events!

Entire Dragonfire Team would like to wish you a joyous Christmas time with your close ones, much love and prosperity in the New Year.

May all your wishes come true, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you in 2024!