Bandos God, Edgeville remake & More
Game Updates RSCDynasty
Published Friday, 2 February 2024

Hello there, RSCDynasty!

We are pleased to announce yet another huge update which introduces the Wilderness God: Bandos, including Bandos Rune Armour Set and Bandos Special Armour Set. We have also made great changes to Edgeville to make it more compact and a place to call main town. Let's dive into all the updates!

Bandos - The Big High War God

Bandos, a formidable and awe-inspiring deity, has marked his territory in the Wilderness. Bandos is known for his immense strength and lust for battle.

Art concept created by: Archer

We are delighted to unveil the new Bandos Camp, to the level-27 Wilderness. Bandos, revered as a mighty god, stands at the heart of this camp. With a staggering maximum hit of 35.

Bandos distinguishes himself with his unique AoE (Area of Effect) Warstomp attack, capable of dealing significant damage to players in his vicinity. This attack adds a strategic layer to encounters, requiring thoughtful positioning and tactics.

Furthermore, Bandos displays an immunity to ranged attacks, adding a layer of complexity to your combat strategy. Additionally, he shows no tolerance for paralyze monster prayers, demanding players to adapt and innovate in their approach to battle him.

Bandos Exclusive Drops

Bandos rune god armour

  • Bandos Rune Large Helmet
  • Bandos Rune Plate Mail Body
  • Bandos Rune Plate Mail Legs

Bandos special armour

  • Bandos chestplate
  • Bandos tassets
  • Bandos boots
  • Bandos halo

Map Changes

Edgeville has been transformed into a more compact and efficient layout, featuring a central Auction House Booth. This new focal point serves as a bustling marketplace, streamlining your trading, interaction and staking activities.

Additionally, we have made some changes to the Graveyard area. The space has been reconfigured to be more open, addressing previous concerns and reducing irritation during player-killing (PKing) encounters near the platform area. 

Visual Upgrades

Fires will now display unique colors corresponding to the type of wood used. This enhancement includes Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, and Magic logs, each offering its distinct hue when lit. This feature not only adds a beautiful aesthetic dimension to the game but also introduces a practical aspect where different woods will have varying burn durations

A big thank you to Della for all the new objects in the game (AH Booth, Portal & Fires included in this update).

Instances (Zaros & Armadyl)

The god instances has received quite a big change with this update. These changes include the introduction of an entrance fee for accessing the Zaros and Armadyl lairs, a modification aimed at enhancing the gaming experience and contributing to a balanced game economy.

The entrance fee for each instance will be dynamically scaled based on your progress in the Lumbridge & Draynor diary for Armadyl, and the Varrock diary for Zaros. This tiered pricing structure is designed to reward players for their in-game achievements.

Specifically, the entrance fee for the Armadyl instance starts at 150k for players without Lumbridge & Draynor diary completion. This fee reduces by 25k for each subsequent diary level - Medium, Hard, and Elite - with the lowest fee being 75k. Similarly, the Zaros instance fee is dependent on the Varrock diary completion levels, with a 25k reduction for each advanced stage.

These adjustments are part of our ongoing efforts to implement effective game economy sinks, ensuring a more robust and sustainable economic environment within the game.

Gods AI/Combat Strategy/Drops

We are pleased to inform you of significant enhancements made to the gods' stats and AI in this update. These modifications include a comprehensive overhaul of damage variables, ensuring a more strategically balanced and nuanced approach to each god's stat combination. Additionally, we have refined their combat mechanics, resulting in a dynamic and challenging experience. While their health may be more manageable, the complexity of each encounter has been elevated, offering a more engaging and thought-provoking battle.

Furthermore, we have thoroughly revised the drop mechanics and rates for these gods. In light of the new entrance fee for each instance, players can now anticipate a modestly increased likelihood of obtaining drops, along with a greater diversity in the potential rewards.

Best Regards,
Dragonfire Staff Team.