PvP Capes & Gilded Armour Set
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Published Saturday, 17 February 2024

Hello there!

Today we are proud to introduce: the First Edition PvP Capes and the Brand New Gilded Armour Set!

PvP Capes - First Edition

The first edition of PvP Capes has now been released, in order to buy your first cape head over to the War Master next to the Portal in Edgeville. We have kept these first edition PvP Cape's abilities to a minimal to not over extend and destroy the F2P PK scene. However there are plans to release more PvP Capes with new designs and abilities in the future - based on reasonable player feedback.

Shop Price: 99mil (one time purchase, kept on death, untradable)

Cape Abilities:

  • Armour: 2.
  • 1 heal usage per 3 minutes - healing: 14hp - first right click option.
  • ::stuck feature - Second right click option.
  • Cape color based on your Clan's Color.

Cape Color Design:

Represent your clan! With your first purchase of a PvP cape, it comes adorned with the default Clan Tag Color design. Want to personalize it? Simply bring your cape to the War Master to change its color to match your current Clan Tag Color (there are 26 different colors to choose from). And remember, if you decide to update your Clan Tag Color, your PvP cape will require a quick visit to the War Master to align its color with your new clan identity.

Gilded Armour

We are happy to release our gold-plated rune armour set! While the stat bonuses of the gilded armour is identical to the regular rune armour, this gilded armour set takes luxury to the next level, serving as a true symbol of wealth and prestige in your collection! Unique to this set, the plate and skirt have been designed for compatibility with Gloves and Boots, offering an exclusive feature not available with the standard rune armour.

Dragonfire Staff Team.