Update: Gorthrok, Kandarin Diary and other updates
Game Updates RSCDynasty
Published Wednesday, 27 March 2024

The time has come to announce yet another update in RSCDynasty!

We're excited to unveil the latest additions to RSCDynasty in this update:

  • Gorthrok: Prepare to face Gorthrok, the new boss located on the graveyard platform.
  • Kandarin Diary Expansion: Explore 41 new tasks and four tiers of rewards focused on Woodcutting, including the introduction of the dragon axe (hatchet).
  • Gilded Large Helmet: Joining the gilded collection is the prestigious Gilded Large Helmet.

For additional fixes in this update and previous updates not listed between March 13th and March 27th, please refer to the update notes at the bottom.


Meet Gorthrok, the formidable leader of the Ogre family now calling the graveyard platform area home. Gorthrok isn't just any opponent; he's a powerful adversary with valuable loot, including the coveted Golden Scythe.

But that's not all – Gorthrok's loot table is even more enticing with the addition of Presents and other essential materials for cannonball making, gear, skilling resources, and more.

We recently conducted a poll on our Discord server, and the community has spoken: Gorthrok will have no special restrictions during combat. Feel free to utilize ranged attacks, paralyze monster prayers, and any other utilities at your disposal without fear of interruption. However, please note that there are only four spawns available, with a respawn timer of 60 seconds. Additionally, remember that the graveyard is a 2 IP limited area.

Kandarin Diary

We're pleased to announce the launch of the Kandarin diary! This comprehensive diary features a total of 41 brand new tasks spread across four different tiers.

Completing tasks within this diary will unlock various rewards, including the highly coveted Dragon axe (hatchet). With a higher success rate compared to the Rune Axe, this tool is sure to enhance your woodcutting adventures.

For a detailed overview of the rewards available at each tier, visit our wiki page at: Kandarin Diary Rewards

Gilded Large Helmet 

The final addition to the Gilded item collection: the Gilded Large Helmet. This prestigious item is now available for purchase.

To acquire the Gilded Large Helmet, simply visit the Rare Vendor in Edgeville and purchase the Gilded Large Helmet Kit for 550 million coins. Once you have the kit, attach 500 noted Rune Large Helmets to open it and reveal your new Gilded Large Helmet.

Please note that this marks the completion of the Gilded item collection. There are no plans to add additional items to this collection.

Update notes between (2024-03-14 and 2024-03-27).

  • Wise Old Man's Hat: This hat is a new exclusive rare obtainable for 25 million gp from the rare goods vendor, you need to attach a full set of Original Party Hats and a Red Santa Hat in order to open the kit.
  • Achievement Cape: The achievement cape is no longer a Max Cape. The reason it was having the same benefits was because we did not update it after adding our new Achievement Diary book, previously we had a different achievement system and the achievement cape benefits was tailored to that. Now the achievement cape has custom teleport options as well as the Att,Def and Str perks.
  • Performance Fixes: We have made additional improvements to the core, mainly the walking aspect and our pathfinder. This has completely solved the "stops" people were refering to earlier.

  • Replaced poll tab in Settings menu with "wiki".
  • Made the auction house booth object be "Bank" option on first click.
  • Veteran and Hardcore accounts can no longer be hidden on the Highscores.
  • Increased Legends Guild Underground telegrab range to solve unreachable loot after npc death.
  • Made the area in Edgeville where Altar, and Portal is located no longer unlimited AFK time, rest of edgeville is unlimited still.
  • Increased bandos armour value to prevent less valuable items protect over it on death.
  • Fixed so wilderness "0" rules only apply in Edge border and nowhere else.
  • Removed Last IP from ::info due to security concern on shared accounts.
  • Renamed Gold and Rainbow party hat with capitialized letters -.-
  • Batching is speed up by 600ms on smelting cannonballs if you are a premium subscriber.
  • Gilded Legs (Use your skirt on thrander).
  • Fixed an issue where Achievement "Classic" cape teleport options were not functional.
  • Added Facemasks in different colours only obtainable through events.

Best Regards,
- Dragonfire Staff Team.