[Dynasty] Easter Event, April 15th 2022
Event RSCDynasty
Published Thursday, 14 April 2022

Easter Event - Dynasty world

The event goes live on: 3PM EST 15th of April, ending 3PM EST 24th April.

Like the previous event we are going to enable all the benefits in Graveyard and it will be the permanent hotspot through out the entire event.

Graveyard Benefits:

  • Double Loot from monsters, even on non-stackable items except for rares.
  • Drops are automatically noted.
  • Faster batching.

ALL skills can be trained in the area, with a safezone bank.

Event Benefits:

  • Double experience.

New boss:

The evil looking bunny Grumpy. You can find him in three different locations - Graveyard platform, P2P ice mountain and outside wilderness at the oracle mountain near the black knight fortress. More spawns are available inside the Wilderness. The teleportal pool can bring you to these places.


  • Jester hat dropped by Grumpy (the evil bunny).
  • Black bunny ears - you need to find a black painting bucket. These are dropped by the small bunnies, which spawns around the entire world map. Once you have gathered the paint, you can visit the rare vendor in Edgeville who will offer to paint a regular bunny ear into your new color. He will be asking for 2 regular bunny ears before he decides to take on your request.

Pet & Evolve:

  • Baby bunny dropped by Grumpy.

If you manage to collect Baby bunny, you have the option to evolve him from 'basic' to a bigger version reflecting Grumpy with the jester hat on.

In order to evolve your pet, you must talk to the Pet vendor which will ask for one of each OG party hat as a requirement for him to evolve your pet.

The pet vendor will also be the NPC to upgrade your pets with new abilities in a later update.

Presents, Treasure chests & Black cracker:

Presents, chest & black cracker are going to be farmable during the event and dropped by Grumpy, other bosses & from skilling. However when the easter event ends on 24th of April, these rares will be discontinued and replaced by a new set of rares in a new container. Once the new rares are finished by our designer they will be added to all the bosses as well as skilling but at a lower rate than previous rares.

New event moderators:

Please give a warm welcome to our newest additions to our staff team, which consists of:
Mod Myakka, Mod Chia, Mod Michael, Mod Bonez.

We wish you a happy easter!

Dragonfire Staff Team.