RSCDynasty - Easter Event 2024
Event RSCDynasty
Published Thursday, 28 March 2024

Hello dynatists! 

This year's Easter Event promises to be unlike any other. Get ready to don your Bunny Ears and grab your Easter Baskets because it's time to embark on an egg-citing adventure!

Event start: Friday 29th March 1PM EST.

Event ends: Sunday 31st March 9PM EST.

Easter Egg Hunt

Every 60-90 minutes in-game an Easter egg hunt will begin. You'll have 15 minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. The top 3 players are given special eggs as a reward. These eggs can be cracked open for various types of loot ranging from Rune/Dragon items, coins, all the way up to exclusive rares! See the table below for accurate rewards.

Top 5 players collecting will be visible in a real time collecting UI (interface) in the client as the hunt is ongoing, stating who is in the lead from 1-5.

If you don't make the podium, that's fine... The colorful eggs you collect can be upgraded to Bronze eggs once you have collected 10, if you collect 10 bronze eggs then you can upgrade to Silver egg, eventually all the way to gold eggs.

Bronze, Silver, Gold all have its own loot table, where Gold eggs holds the most valueable loot.

Eggs will be dropped around the entire world, however you gain two eggs per pickup inside the wilderness!

The Egg Hunts

Colorful Eggs

1st Place

3 Silver Eggs

2nd Place

1 Silver Egg

3rd Place

1 Bronze Egg

Egg Rewards

Bronze Egg

Stackable Item

Possible Loot

Carrot(lowest chance)
Addy-Rune Gear
Bones-Big Bones
Low tier gems
Low tier herbs
Low tier arrows
10-50k coins.

Upgrade to silver:

Silver Egg

Stackable Item

Possible Loot

Carrot(medium chance)
Rune-Dragon gear
Big-Dragon bones
Medium tier herbs
medium tier gems
Addy-Rune arrows
50-100k coins
1/32 chance Giant Easter Present
1/64 chance to score a grumpy pet

Upgrade to gold:

Gold Egg

Stackable Item

Possible Loot

Carrot (Guaranteed)
Rune-Dragon gear
Dragon Bones-Soul of Greatwood
High tier herbs
High tier gems
Rune-Addy cannonballs
1-5mil coins
1/4 chance Giant Easter Present
1/8 chance to score a grumpy pet
1/16 chance to score any overall rare

(Excluding myers, pirate and gold scythe).

Total egg cost:
1000 painted eggs

The possible loot tables can change during the event with less or more items aswell as the rates as we will monitor these rewards closely.

Double Experience

We will of course have double experience enabled through-out the entire event. We will also open up the grindland, type ::grindland to join! 

Giant Easter Present 

The Giant Easter Present contains all previous Easter Rares. The Giant Easter present can be obtained either through the Egg Hunt or via Gorthrok in the Wilderness Platform. Due to the recent influx of players we will also have Gorthrok outside the wilderness platform in the beloved Ice Mountain. However you are not eligible to receieve the new Golden Scythe drop from Gorthrok outside wilderness.


The carrot is an edible item which will grant you the same experience boost benefits as the Gingerbread. 
A whopping 4x increased XP rate for a total of 6 hours.

You can obtain the Carrot from the various eggs (Bronze, Silver, Gold) but you can also get carrot by farming npcs during the event.

Best Regards
Dragonfire Staff Team.