Saradomin, Falador Diary, Bolts & More.
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Published Saturday, 20 April 2024

Hello RSCDynasty! Today we are proud to announce the Saradomin update! Let's get into it!

Saradomin - God of Light

This celestial being resides in a hidden dungeon accessible only to those who dare to navigate the treacherous obstacles within the Monastery in Edgeville. As players venture into this sacred ground, they must prepare for a battle of divine magnitude.

Upon entering Saradomin's realm, you will not only face the god himself but also his formidable entourage: Prowler, Starlight, and Sagittar. Each of these fighters brings a unique set of skills to the battle — Prowler, a powerful mage; Starlight, a robust melee combatant; and Sagittar, an adept ranger.

Saradomin has a maximum melee hit of 27, and a special attack - Saradomin Strike, the accuracy of the spell is based on the effectiveness of your defensive gear and level.

During the fight, strategic choices become crucial. Protect from Missiles prayer can shield you from Sagittar’s ranged assaults, while Starlight’s presence bolsters Saradomin’s defense by an additional 10%, making it imperative to manage these threats in priority order. Plan your attack, balance your defenses, and prove your worth against the god of light and his elite guards.

Note: Saradomin's Murmur (item drop) can teleport you directly to the Dungeon Entrance, which saves you time while fighting and banking. Completing the Elite Tier of Falador Diary gives you access to an agility shortcut which will minimize your walking distance to the bank.

Saradomin Drops

  • Saradomin Large Helmet
  • Saradomin Plate Mail Body
  • Saradomin Plate Mail Legs
  • Saradomin's Murmur
  • Armadyl Crossbow
  • Pet saradomin

Falador Diary

The Falador diary! This diary features a total of 39 brand new tasks spread across four different tiers.

Completing tasks within this diary will unlock various rewards, including the Falador Shield (1,2,3,4). You will unlock various agility shortcuts, bank chest access in Crafting Guild as well as Hero's guild and boosted experience in the Herblaw skill! Visit the Task Master in Edgeville for a full list of rewards per tier.

Armadyl's Crossbow and new projectiles

As the newest crossbow, it boasts the longest range of any ranged weapon, capable of hitting targets up to 8 tiles away. This exceptional reach gives players a significant tactical advantage in combat. The Armadyl Crossbow is compatible with Mithril, Adamantite, and Runite bolts, each offering the highest damage output currently available in the game.

To enhance the experience of using this powerful weapon, players can now engage in crafting their own bolts. Here’s how the process works:

  • Making Unfinished Bolts
    Players can smith unfinished bolts by using a matching metal bar—Mithril, Adamantite, or Runite—on an anvil. This action converts each bar into 10 unfinished bolts.
  • Finalizing the Bolts
    To complete the bolt-making process, feathers must be attached to the unfinished bolts. This requires the appropriate Fletching level.


  • Added all missing Pet dialogues.

Best Regards - Dragonfire Staff Team!