Patch #24 - Updates
Game Updates RSCDynasty
Published Friday, 20 May 2022

Hello, everyone!

New Rare Cycle.

The new rare cycle has been added with a total of 7 rares. The Emerald Chest can be farmed from Dragons, Bosses & Skilling.

The container drops at a decent rate, however when opening the chest there's a very low chance to receive a rare. You are able to hit the following brackets of items: Junk, Common, Uncommon and Rare. This means you are not guaranteed to score a rare.

Rare table:

  • Golden party hat (new)
  • Rainbow hat (new)
  • Smiley mask (new)
  • Runite bunny ears
  • Blue santa set

Gorgon - The captain.

Gorgon (level 304) is the pirate captain, his hideout is in East P2P wilderness. You can use the wilderness portal to get there faster, but remember you will be auto skulled.

Gorgon drops a pirate's key, the key which goes into the Gorgon's footlocker... I wonder where his storage may be?

If you are lucky enough, you may find a new rare - pirate's hat in the treasure..

Super Combat Potion.

The super combat potion is available for those with at least level 90 herblaw. Mix a 3 dose Super strength, Attack and Defense potion with a Torstol or an Unfinished Torstol potion.

The super combat potion saves you inventory space and boosts your Attack, Defense and Strength.

New Achievements.

6 new achievements has been added to the task list. You need to complete them in order to wear your achievement cape again. 

Achievement cape update: Gives you max cape benefits + acts like a anti dragon breath shield.


  • Removed all grumpy locations except for Graveyard.
  • Added black paint bucket to various npcs (low rate).
  • Added baby bunny and Evolved bunny pet dialogues.
  • Fixed jesterhat visual bug in noted item.
  • Added 10 second timer to enter Safespot.
  • Removed west portal in Castle.
  • Raised Goods vendor rare buy prices.
  • More weapon/armour stocks and faster spawn rate at Brian/Horvik shops.
  • Added Kills/Deaths to ::info command.
  • Added missing pets and rares to respective category in Auction House.
  • Added transfer script for Dynasty accounts in Account Manager on website.
  • Added Leaderboard page to website.

Next Update.

Stay tuned for the next update.