Upcoming Events for RSC Vanilla
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Published Thursday, 13 October 2022

Greetings!  There will be upcoming events to join on Vanilla, with prizes to win and fun to be had. 

There will be a 10/10/10 Stake Tournament on  October 23rd  1PM Central    10/23  1PM Central. The prize will be 1 million gold pieces.  To sign up and get in a bracket, hit the checkmark underneath the 10/10/10 Tourney message that I will post, then @ Mr Greeen the username for 10/23. The cut-off for signing up will be 10/21, and I'll post the brackets on the 22nd. Subs can sign up late as fill in. 

Location: Lumby Graveyard

Rules: 10 Attack 10 Defence 10 Strength. No Ranged, No Magic. Prayer off.

Halloween Party 10/30 at  1PM Central. Come by Draynor to celebrate Halloween and get spooky. There will be small competitions including the return of the bon fire race. Get a chance at some H'ween masks and gp!


There is staking going on Saturdays at 12 noon central with Cruze, with a special stake event on 10/29 12 noon central.

Sexfeetunder and Cruze will be hosting a drop party after the stake event on 10/29.