Christmas Holiday Events RSCVanilla 2022
Event RSCVanilla
Published Sunday, 18 December 2022

Greetings to you this 2022 holiday season! 

There are a few events you can attend on Vanilla in the next upcoming weeks. 

We will warm up with some group skilling and pvm:

12/23 Friday Night Fish Fry - Catch fish and cook in Catherby 6pm Central to ? 
12/25 Xmas Fire Giants - Waterfall Fire Giants 3pm Central, chill at the bars after
12/28 Barbarian Agility - It's not fun but it could be together 12 noon Central
12/30 Ranged Duels - Win some money with your bow, meet at Ardy Lever 4pm Central

On Sunday, January 1st New Years Day, participate in the Gnome Ball Tournament.
at 12 noon central. Get signed up by clicking the santa hat reaction on this message on discord. 
You get 5 attempts to score. In these attempts a lost ball is a failed attempt.
1 goal gets you in the raffle for a Santa hat.
A party hat will be given to the player with the most goals scored. If there is a tie, the tied players will compete at the same time, first to score wins. 

First Place: Party Hat
Second Place: 1 million gp 
Third Place: 500k  gp

These prizes may go up from donations. There will also be items dropped during the skilling and pvm events.