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Published Friday, 23 December 2022

RSCDynasty - Christmas Event 2022

Hello Adventurers!

We are very pleased to announce the RSCDynasty christmas event of 2022 as well as other game updates!

We are going to release the updates in segments. You can read the dates of each new feature below, marked in the subject.

Start: 23rd of December 4PM EST 2022 - Ending: 3rd of January 4PM EST 2023.

Double Experience:
-Double experience will be enabled through-out the entire event!

Christmas boss - Yeti (23rd December):
The Yeti boss can be found inside the Wilderness on dynamic spawns through-out the entire Christmas event. As soon as the Yeti has been killed he will instantly re-spawn on a new location inside wilderness.

You can also battle the Yeti 5 times an hour in solo instances.

  • Mini Yeti Pet
  • Sapphire Chest (on 27th December)
  • Drop table with boosted skilling & gear supplies
The Yeti boss will also award you PvP points when killed.

-Other (can only be purchased with PvP Points):
  • Yeti costume (Top / Bottom)
  • Ice Club weapon
  • Sapphire amulet

Christmas Tree (23rd December):
RSCDynasty's christmas tree can be found in the center of Edgeville, decorated with Lights and Presents. Every 12 hours you can claim a present from the tree which will award you random benefits.

Battlegrounds (The Great War) (23rd December):
Up for a challenge? It doesn't matter if you are an experienced PKer or not, this is your chance to experience amazing new content in RuneScape Classic with team play & strategies at it's finest!

Queue up for battlegrounds from the War Master npc in Edgeville. You will be alerted and asked to join the battleground once all the 20 slots are filled. The best part about the queue system is the fact that you can do other things while being queued. Make sure you always queue up for the battlegrounds!

10vs10 (Saradomin clan against Zamorak clan), defend your territory! 

Destroy and defend towers, kill the opposite faction and take over graveyards. The Great War involves alot of teamplay and strategies. Do you think you can beat the general and come out as the winner? We will see.

It's important to participate in Battlegrounds, it's the best content for farming PvP Points.

Want to read the FULL guide of The Great War (battlegrounds)?
  • Join our Discord to read the full how to play guide. 
You can find similar content in World of Warcraft - Alterac Valley battlegrounds.

PvP Points Battlegrounds (23rd December):
PvP Points can only be aquired in the Wilderness, Battlegrounds & Clanwars.
The points has a special formula based on your opponents combat level and rank.

What can you do with the PvP Points?
With your points, you can visit Herald in Edgeville to buy special christmas items (released on 27th December), pk gear, sapphire chests.

PvP Points max holding amount: 75,000.

Later on; This is the shop that will contain EVERYTHING pvp related.

You can see your PvP points in your Stats Tab, for additional PvP information click on the PvP Points in the skill list.

Sapphire Chest (27th December):
The new cycle of rares is coming to Dynasty on 27th December 2022.

The sapphire chest will contain 5 new rare items, this also means that the Emerald chest will be discontinued.

Automatic Tournaments (Already live):
Last week we released our epic tournament systems, fully automatic.

  • The Tournament supports 4, 8, 16 and 32 player pool size. 
  • Players are automatically converted with stats and items for the selected/or voted build. 
  • The hoster can put the tournament into players voting for builds, or select a premade build.
  • Currently in Beta mode, only staff members can trigger and donate to tournaments at this moment. 
  • 1v1 tournaments with MANY available builds. -Can donate multiple prizes. 
  • Tournament winner is sent Tournament prizes to their Mailbox. 
  • Join available tournaments via Wrench menu -> Tournaments -> Join. -Discord alerts when tournaments are open. 
To come: 
  • Players will be able to host their own tournaments. 
  • Support for 2v2, 3v3 parties. 
  • Full tournament statistics.

Object Upgrades (23rd December):
Credit goes to Della for all the new objects in RSCDynasty.

  • The wilderness pool object is now changed and called Portal.
  • The loot crate is now its own object and is more visible for players.
  • Christmas tree
  • City portal
  • Saradomin / Zamorak flags for battlegrounds

Dragonfire wishes you a merry christmas!