Server type Custom
Max stat/level 99/123
EXP Rates
Type Combat Prayer/Magic/Ranged Skilling
Normal 8x 4x 2x
Gold Subscriber 10x 5x 3x
Premium Subscriber 12x 6x 4x
Idle Timers
Type Timer
Normal 10 minutes
Gold Subscriber 15 minutes
Premium Subscriber 20 minutes
Egg Nog 2h increased idle timer - Buy from Pyriel shop in Edgeville (cost: 100k, last for: 3 days)

Dynasty Coins is the currency used to buy items from our Game Shop. You can donate to RSCDynasty and in exchange for your support you get Dynasty Coins: Learn More. Once you've gathered enough of Coins, you can spend them in the Game Shop for useful subscriptions & services, you can find the Subscription Vendor in Edgeville! You can also sell/trade your coins to other players.

Currency Use How to obtain
Dynasty Coins Can be used in the Game Shop by the Subscription Vendor in Edgeville to purchase subscriptions and services.
  • Donating to the server
  • Traded by players
  • Events
Gold Subscription
  • Combat XP Rate: 10x
  • Prayer/Magic/Ranged XP Rate: 5x
  • Skill XP Rate: 3x
  • Fatigue: 25% Slower Rate
  • Player Name: Orange color
  • Idle Timer: 15mins
Premium Subscription
Requires Active Gold Subscription
  • Combat XP Rate: 12x
  • Prayer/Magic/Ranged XP Rate: 6x
  • Skill XP Rate: 4x
  • Fatigue: 50% Slower Rate
  • Player Name: Cyan color
  • Idle Timer: 20mins
Combat Subscription
Requires Player Killing Mode
  • Combat XP Rate: 24x
  • Prayer/Magic/Ranged XP Rate: 12x
  • Fatigue: None
  • Player Name: Lime color
  • Idle Timer: 20mins
Player Modes

RSCDynasty offers different Play Modes, these play modes have different XP rate, and allow you to play in certain ways compared to "normal". We have listed all our Game Modes down below.

Player Mode Information
Default (normal)
  • Access to all server features
Player Killing

This mode is designed for people who want to PK.

  • Denied access to Quests and Skills
  • Can only loot NPCs and gain experience in Wilderness

Up for a difficult challenge? Then this mode is for you!

  • You can't trade with other players
  • You can't pick up drops from other player's kills
  • Denied access to Auction House
  • You can't duel other players
Ultimate Ironman

Up for the hardest challenge? we will see!

  • All the Ironman restrictions
  • You will not keep the usual 3 items upon death
  • You cannot protect items with Protect Item Prayers
  • You cannot use the Bank

Pet system was introduced to RSCDynasty in January 2021. There are currently 17 different pets available. Pets can be only be found by killing Bosses or via Skilling. Pets will automatically spawn and follow you if you find one, if you already have an active pet then your new pet will be added to your Inventory. They are non-tradable and will always be by your side, even if you Die or Teleport away. You can Summon and Dismiss them at any time, they are kept safe when you logout.

  • Generic placeholder image
    Baby Greatwood
    Pet is dropped by: Greatwood (Boss)
  • Generic placeholder image
    Pet Nogard
    Pet is dropped by: Skeleton Dragon (Boss)
  • Generic placeholder image
    Gaia Jr.
    Pet is dropped by: Gaia (Boss)
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Hellhound Puppy
    Pet is dropped by: Hellhound Elite (Boss)
  • Generic placeholder image
    King Baby Dragon
    Pet is dropped by: King Black Dragon
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Pet Tree Imp
    Pet is found by Woodcutting
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Calf Pet
    Pet is found by Crafting
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Thief Rat
    Pet is found by Thieving
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Pet Pinky
    Pet is found by Magic
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Bear Cub
    Pet is found by Fishing
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Blue Tarantula
    Pet is found by Agility
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Firebird Pet
    Pet is found by Firemaking
  • Hellhound Puppy
    Baby Goblin
    Pet is dropped by: Officer Grir in Grir's Group Instance
  • Tiny Snowman
    Tiny Snowman
    Pet is dropped by: Snowman (Boss)
  • Runite Baby Dragon
    Runite Baby Dragon
    Pet is dropped by: Runite Dragon
  • Baby Bunny
    Baby Bunny
    Pet is dropped by: Grumpy (Boss)
  • Evolved (*) Bunny
    Evolved (*) Bunny
    Evolved Baby Bunny by Pet Vendor: Party hat set

Skillcapes symbolises achieving the highest possible level in a particular skill (level 99). Below you will find all RSCDynasty Skillcapes and their respective perks.

  • Generic placeholder image
    Attack Cape
    Provides you 15% better accuracy against Monsters
  • Generic placeholder image
    Defense Cape
    Provides you 15% stronger defense against Monsters
  • Generic placeholder image
    Strength Cape
    Provides you 10% increased hit damage against Monsters
  • Generic placeholder image
    Hits Cape
    3x HP restore rate (does stack with rapid restore prayer)
  • Generic placeholder image
    Ranged Cape
    Provides you 15% better range accuracy against Monsters
  • Generic placeholder image
    Prayer Cape
    • Slower prayer drain rate
    • Can be used with monk robes
  • Generic placeholder image
    Magic Cape
    • 15% chance to save your runes upon spell cast
    • 20% more gp when alching
  • Generic placeholder image
    Cooking Cape
    You don't burn any food
  • Generic placeholder image
    Woodcut Cape
    30% chance of receiving an extra log while woodcutting
  • Generic placeholder image
    Fletching Cape
    30% chance to double the amount of Log cuts, Attaching feathers, Making pearls or Arrow heads
  • Generic placeholder image
    Fishing Cape
    30% chance to catch noted fish
  • Generic placeholder image
    Firemaking Cape
    Acts like a tinderbox
  • Generic placeholder image
    Crafting Cape
    20% chance to cut two gems
  • Generic placeholder image
    Smithing Cape
    • Acts like Goldsmithing gauntlets
    • 100% iron ore smelt rate
    • 30% chance to receieve an extra bar upon smelting
  • Generic placeholder image
    Mining Cape
    50% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining
  • Generic placeholder image
    Herblaw Cape
    • 20% chance to make two potions
    • Protects you from being poisoned by poisonous monsters
  • Generic placeholder image
    Agility Cape
    You are no longer gaining fatigue
  • Generic placeholder image
    Thieving Cape
    • Increase pickpocket batches by 10
    • 20% increased chance of succeeding when pickpocketing
  • Generic placeholder image
    Quest Point Cape
    Ability to teleport to all guild locations, including Edgeville.
  • Generic placeholder image
    Max Cape
    Inherits all skillcape perks from other skillcapes.
  • Generic placeholder image
    Achievement Cape
    Inherits all skillcape perks from other skillcapes + Acts like an anti dragon breath shield.
Custom Items

RSCDynasty custom items that give certain bonuses, attributes or abilities.

Item Name Bonus
Robin Hood Hat

Obtainable from Hellhound Elite Boss drop

  • Level 40 ranged required to wear.
  • Armour bonus points: 8.
  • +2 damage bonus against NPC's.
  • 10% extra chance to hit against NPC's.
Stackable Pouch

Buy from Pyriel's shop in Edgeville. Obtainable from Gaia Boss drop

  • Cost: 50K GP.
  • Collects three selected (Stackable / Noted) items.
  • Auto loots the selected items from NPCs.
  • Items are lost upon death by a player.
  • Items are kept upon death by a monster, pouch is lost.
Egg Nog

Buy from Pyriel's shop in Edgeville

  • Cost: 100K GP.
  • Grants you 2 hour increased idle time.
  • Lasts for: 3 days.
Warrior Cape

Obtainable from Greatwood Boss drop

  • Armour Bonus: 2
  • Weapon Aim Bonus: 7

Obtainable from boss drops, skilling and Rift Events. See NPC Database in-game.

One of the following Original RSC Rares:

  • Bunny ears, Red Christmas cracker, Red Santa's hat & Scythe
  • Halloween masks (Red, Green & Blue)
  • Party hats (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink & White)

One extra item:

  • Runes, Ores, Runite or Dragon items
Treasure Chest

Obtainable on holidays and Rift Events. See NPC Database in-game.

One of following Custom Rares:

  • Devil Horn, Devil Fork, Easter Basket, Dragon Party hat or Candy Cane
  • Santa Suits (Red, Black & Green)

One extra item:

  • Runes, Ores, Runite or Dragon items
Red Cracker

Obtainable through opening Presents

One of following OG Rares:

  • Party hats (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink & White)
Black Cracker

Discontinued item since December, 2020 Christmas event.

One of following Custom Rares:

  • Party hats (Black, Cyan, Purple & Orange)

One extra item:

  • Runes, Ruby Amulet or Runite items
Teleport Stones

Can be bought from Khaash npc in Edgeville or from Wilderness Crate.

  • You can save your last location coordinates, and teleport there for 1 stone per use.
Skill Booster

Can be bought from Khaash npc in Edgeville or from Wilderness Crate.

  • 1x boost in Skilling stats for 2 hours
Combat Booster

Can be bought from Khaash npc in Edgeville or from Wilderness Crate.

  • 1x boost in Combat stats for 2 hours
Experience Elixir

Buy from Pyriel in Edgeville.

  • Cost: 250K gp
  • Increases XP rate by 1x in all stats for 2 hours.
  • Can be used once every 4 hours
Dragon bone scythe

Smithable at level 99 by having all pieces of:

  • Upper, middle and lower dragon blades.
  • Regular bone scythe.
  • Level 60 defense to wear.
  • Armour bonus: 50
  • Weapon aim bonus: 69
  • Weapon power bonus: 75
  • It's a one-handed weapon
Emerald Chest

Obtainable via Skilling, Dragons & Boss drops.

One of following Custom Rares:

  • Golden Party Hat, Rainbow Hat, Smiley Mask, Runite Bunny ears, Blue santa hat.
  • Blue Santa suit top, Blue Santa suit bottom
Super Combat Potion

Combine super set with Torstol herb or Unfinished Torstol potion.

Stat boosting potion that combines the effects of super attack, super strength and super defense.